A slender thermally separated profile contributes elegance to architecture

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Tormax - the passion to drive doors


  • Over 50yrs experience
  • Technologically advanced solutions
  • Bespoke entrances
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Automatic Door Systems

Our Passion is Making Doors Move

Automatic Sliding Doors Automatic Sliding Doors Rescue and Escape Routes Automatic Sliding Doors Burglar Resistance with Resistance Levels 2 (WK2) and 3 (WK3) Automatic Swing Doors Automatic Swing Doors Fire and Smoke Doors Automatic Revolving Doors Automatic Folding Doors

TORMAX is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic doors. In 1951, the founders of the company, which is head-quartered in Switzerland, installed Europe's first electro-hydraulic swing door in Davos, Switzerland. The drive is still in use today, 60 years later. "Peak performance for life-long contented customers".