The Bold New World of Door Automation

TORMAX has been setting standards in door automation for decades. You will find the full range of automatic doors in our programmes – sliding doors, swing doors, revolving doors and folding doors. In this part of our web-site we will give you an overview of the versatility of the world of door automation and will show you some of our references from various areas of use.

“TORMAX provides access to the Porsche Museum (D) ”

One major advantage of automatic doors is that designers and architects do not have to concern themselves with door latches, swing areas, materials, door heights, right angles etc. This great [...] more

Porsche Museum 1

MyZeil – The shopping mall in the centre of Frankfurt am Main

The “MyZeil“ shopping mall is part of the Palais Quartier building complex and links the Palais Quartier with the Zeil shopping boulevard. The Palais Quartier site covers 1.7 hectares [...] more

MyZeil shopping mall