TORMAX 2203 is a slender, compact and unobtrusive sliding door drive with a drive height of only 100 mm. It is easy to install and integrates harmoniously into both classical and modern architecture.

Geared up for the future

The TORMAX 2203 sliding door drive runs on the well-proven motor technology of TORMAX 2201 and at the same time uses cutting-edge power electronics that meet the latest standards and directives – a drive thoroughly geared up for the future.

Areas of application

  • The obvious choice for architecturally demanding internal and external pedestrian passageways
  • Linear doors with 1 or 2 leaves
  • Telescopic doors for narrow passageways

Technical data

  • Cross section header profile: 100 × 142 mm (H × D)
  • Maximum opening width: 3800 mm 4-leaf
  • Maximum door leaf weight: 1 × 130 kg / 2 × 120 kg
  • Opening/Closing speed: 10 – 80 cm/s adjustable
  • Smooth door leaf movements

Drive unit data

  • Electromechanical sliding door drive
  • Optional holding brake
  • Modular, programmable MCU42 control system with extensive monitoring and diagnostic functions
  • Durability: 2 million cycles, TüV certified, with 4000 cycles per day


  • 6 operating modes (automatic, reduced opening width, exit, permanently open, off, manual operation)
  • Adjustable opening and closing speeds
  • Adjustable hold-open times
  • Time or step control
  • 10 programmable inputs, of which 4 inputs for safety features, can be extended in modules
  • 3 programmable outputs, of which 1 testable output for safety features, can be extended in modules
  • Interfaces LIN, RS232

Safety features

  • Connection facilities for sensors
  • Monitored adjustable power limitation
  • Adjustable sensitivity when reversing


  • Electro-mechanical lock
  • Key switch
  • Mechanical emergency opening (FR: CO48)
  • Battery module for emergency operation (GB: BS7036)
  • In- / output modules


  • CE/EN 16005, TÜV certified
  • ANSI/CAN/UL 325, TÜV certified