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TORMAX count+go: new add-on module for pedestrian traffic control

TORMAX count+go ensures sufficient physical distance among customers and visitors to support their health and safety. The new add-on module counts and controls the number of people present in a room and operates the automatic doors accordingly. It is easy to install on any TORMAX automatic door system and is simple and safe to operate via smartphone, tablet or laptop.

TORMAX count+go regulates the flow of people and closes the door automatically with a clear visual and acoustic signal when the maximum number of people is reached. As soon as the number of people drops below the limit, the door returns to the open operating mode.

For further visual announcements to users, TORMAX count+go is also available with an elegant display stand featuring a large monitor for customized messaging. A second monitor can also be integrated as a digital advertising panel.
The add-on module is easy to install on any TORMAX sliding or folding door system and does not require any extra sensors, thus making it particularly convenient to upgrade existing door systems.

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