TORMAX count+go

A convenient way to ensure physical distancing

Shop owners and employers, sports and cultural event organisers all face the same dilemma: to maintain the latest hygienic standards, they need to ensure safe physical distancing by controlling the number of people on their premises at all times. But the available measures to regulate the flow of people are often expensive, inadequate or time consuming.

TORMAX count+go neatly solves this problem by counting people and regulating automatic doors. The add-on module is easy to install on any automatic door system and simple to operate using the smartphone.

Dynamic control

The system regulates the flow of people and automatically shuts the door with an acoustic signal and a red light when the facilities reach full people capacity. As soon as the number of persons drops below maximum capacity, the door returns to automatic opening mode and the slim LED strip switches to green. The LED strip with changing colours and a compact loudspeaker are included in the TORMAX count+go basic package.

Flexible application

The system is suited for single doors that are used for both entry and exit, and for two separate entrance and exit doors.

Ease of use

TORMAX count+go is operated via smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi and allows users to enter the maximum/current number of persons and to reset the system.

Accurate numbers

Counting the persons accessing or leaving a given facility can be optimized by reducing the door opening width to allow only one person to pass through at a time.

Simple assembly

The add-on module is easy to install on any TORMAX sliding or folding door system and does not require any extra sensors. This makes it particularly convenient to upgrade existing door systems.

Display stand with monitor

For further visual announcements to persons passing through, TORMAX count+go is also available with an elegant display stand featuring a large monitor for customized messaging. A second monitor can optionally be integrated as a digital advertising panel.


Contact your local TORMAX expert for further details and advice!